Dear Soldier

June 5, 2012
By XflyXaway95 SILVER, Neptune Township, New Jersey
XflyXaway95 SILVER, Neptune Township, New Jersey
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I see you fallen soldier
Your limbs bent in ways they were not meant to be
Your life staining the ground upon which you lay
Your eyes still open, looking up towards the sky asking
Why, me?
Why, now?
Why’d I die?
Why didn’t I fight
So I may still have my life?
You ask these questions as your eyes look toward the sky
Waiting for answers that will never come
Your answers do not lie within the sun
Dear soldier
You ask the wrong questions anyhow
Do not ask why you had to die
Or why you have to lie
Broken, dead
Now of all times
Do not ask why you did not fight
Fallen soldier
But rather,
Ask for what you were fighting for

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