June 5, 2012
By MyBlissInChaos GOLD, Las Vegas, Nevada
MyBlissInChaos GOLD, Las Vegas, Nevada
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Everything will be okay in the end if its not okay then its not the end

People are such fools
Ignorant fools indeed
They have no idea what they've gotten themselves into
They have no clue
Love is something everyone either
under or overestimates
I however
see the deceiver love
as it truly is
A temptress with a nasty poison
a poison that flows deep in your veins
and leaves a life long scar
it drains you
it leaves you empty
its not real
and it doesn't last forever
it only leaves you with pain
pain and regret
so heave my warning
Don't ever give in to the Temptress
because if you do
I swear
no matter who it is
no matter how strong you think your love is
it will
crash and burn

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