Your lies

June 5, 2012
the truth - out it always comes.
the pinch within it never numbs.
the steady flow is hard to hold,
wrapped up in all the lies you’ve told.
pulling you down, it takes you deep.
it drags at you. it eats your sleep.
it buzzes around inside your head,
those heavy lies that you have said.
a dart of lies is there in your hand.
you throw at will and watch it land.
the dart, one day, will surely miss,
returning to you its painful kiss,
reflecting back into your heart
the poisonous truth of your failing art.
as you succumb and step right in
to the pit of your verbal din,
swallow it down. don’t you choke.
you have to eat the things you spoke.
the steady flow is hard to hold,
such heavy lies that you have told.

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