Blame It On Me

June 5, 2012
By Anonymous

There is something missing
A picture in my mind of us kissing
Your voice say "i love you"
But now it saying
"There's nothing you can do"
Was there something that I did?
Is it because of the secrets i hid?
Because there wasn't any
I mean there wasn't many
All I can say its my fault I know
And how your looking at me
like your foe
Your stares are blank,
your smile is gone
All the assumptions I've drawn,
maybe there wrong
I just want it back
to the way before
My heart is torn,
is there anything more?
I love you,
I guess I didn't say it enough
And all that is left
is to be tough
I keep saying maybe,
I know this is true
But in my mind I thought we were
the perfect two
And now I have to
face the world alone
All I do now is roam
Will we ever be the same
And don't lie,
I'm the one to blame
But please if you need me
I'm here
And don't you dare pick up a beer
Your better then that,
you don't need it
It will just get you
in deeper s***
There is one more thing
I have to say
That whatever is happening,
just remember you'll be okay

The author's comments:
This is a poem I wrote when the love of my life broke things off with me for no reason.

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