breathing pain

June 5, 2012
why do hurt me over and over again i keep saying i love you but you love to the terars go down this lovely face i cant keep doing this holding on to you keeping you here is holding on to this pain you gave me im sick cause of yo u as i lay in my hospital bed all i can say i love you and you say i love you too but when you said it i just lay there crying and then that same day you cheat and after you came to see i was just dead lost and alone hurting is the last feeling i have now look im in hell and you died cause you are the one who killed me the mudder of love

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Vandy said...
Oct. 18, 2012 at 11:19 am
this is amazing it showws how two people in a relationship argue and how one person can ruin it with stupied lust and disire i really like it
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