That Empty Can of Beer

June 14, 2012
By Anonymous

Sitting on the road side, his mind a mess
With the images, the faces in distress
Yelling in fear, but all go silent
The boy had never been violent.
He tried to save those that survive
He couldn’t, they would not revive
From the large accident and its cost;
All he had known, was now lost.
He didn’t mean to kill, kill them all
It was fun just havin a ball
He loved his girl with all his might
He didn’t want this to be their last night;
From the road, or from hell,
He couldn’t really tell,
He saw a cop drive towards him
But everything was going dim,
He knew his life was over
As he began to be sober,
His eye filled with a tear,
Then he looked at that empty can of beer
Then he took his own sad, sad life
Just to be with his wife.

The author's comments:
multiple people that were close to me and my family were killed in a drunk driving accident. for some reasons these deaths didn't teach me to stop drinking until 1 night i dreamed the events in this poem and saw my dead loved ones. it changed me and inspired me to write this poem.

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