June 14, 2012
By Anonymous

A Snapshot
One snapshot
Captures the setting
Green grass and blue skies
Picnic basket and a blanket
aShimmering lake
Joggers, walkers, dogs, strolling on the trail
One snapshot
Captures the people
Three girls sitting on the blanket
Opening the picnic basket
Wearing summer shorts and flip flops
High school girls out of school for the summer
One snapshot
Captures the emotion
Smiles and laughter on their faces
One telling a joke animatedly
While the brunette laughs freely
And the other scoffs with rolling eyes
One snapshot
Captures the happiness
One snapshot
Doesn’t capture the secrets untold
Or the scars hidden on the wrist
Or the mixed feelings inside
One snapshot
Captures the happiness of that moment
The memories that will last a lifetime
The joy of the summer
And nothing else.

Freshman Year

A blink of the eye and a year has gone.
From the first day of high school,
Where the halls seemed to echo,
And the upperclassmen loomed over us.
From the countless hours in class every week.
Learning about ionic bonds and quadratic functions on the weekdays,
Coming in during TAP for help,
Jokes made in the library,
And lunch spent with all your friends.
Coming home with a heavy backpack on,
And neglecting all work until the sky has darkened,
Starting your enrichment at 9:00.
Numerous Friday nights spent with your friends,
Carving pumpkins on Halloween,
Shopping for Christmas presents,
All while having the greatest time.
Waking up Saturday afternoon,
Staring at your phone with no new texts,
Rubbing tired eyes and not doing your homework,
Watching a cheesy chick flick instead.
Sunday has arrived,
And you should really start your homework.
So you try to begin,
But then decide you should paint your nails
Or bake some cookies.
And when you finished your homework, it’s Monday again.
Days turn into weeks, turning into months.
And those months quickly turn into a year.
Freshman year, like a blink of an eye.

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