June 13, 2012
By Anonymous

The waves crashed.
Against the rocks.
The cold water,
Bringing small shocks.
My long thick hair,
Blowing in the wind.
My small barefoot feet,
Hiding in the sand.
The wind is blowing
A cool summer breeze.
The water wants me.
Begging me please.
I can't resist,
So I say okay.
I let the cool refreshing waves
Take me away.
I smile,
And breathe,
Reflect on what is done.
But also focus on the present.
Enjoy the sun.
I think about the future
And what is ahead.
I start to dream,
As if laying in bed.
I close my eyes,
And let the ocean carry me away.
I'll return
Some other day.
The sun shining
On my smiling face.
The ocean moving
With so much grace.
I open my eyes
And look all around.
I see sadness,
Nowhere to be found.
Purely joy,
And nothing but fun.
This is what I call
A summer sun.
Everyone laughing
And enjoying the days.
Living in
A summer haze.
Nothing to worry about.
Nothing to fear.
Only happiness
Brings us tears.
Love and joy
In the air.
Having fun,
Don't care
Loving my life,
As it be.
Nothing could mess
This up for me.
Summer is here.
And here to stay.
Now everybody,
Shout hooray!

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