My eyes, their eyes

June 13, 2012
By Andrea123456789 BRONZE, Lake Forest Park, Washington
Andrea123456789 BRONZE, Lake Forest Park, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
Today you are you, that is truer than truer. There is no one in the world that is you-er than you.

These eyes are the eyes I've seen through
Brown I see brown
Green I see green I see green
But for a day, if I could only see a different thing
Would i see the way I see me?
And green, what a stranger you might be
Would hate be like hate?
Would love be a love undreamed of?
Maybe I'd be another thing
From a universe too far away
For my so-keen eyes to see
A second might be a million years
Right now I don't believe
But maybe I would close my eyes
And a day would be a sight to be
Would time exist?
Would it be from reality that I flee?
Is it real right now?
Or is this just a dream?
If I could be another eye
Then of this I might conceive

This black cat
She follows me to school
And on my way home she hides in my shadow
She says she's having too much fun
This black cat
She won't leave me alone
Her yellow eyes are a mine of disguise
But I can't tell her to please leave
I know she has misperceived
Can you tell her to stop haunting my dreams?
This black cat
She keeps me on her shackles
She keeps the lock on her collar
How happy she'd be to trade my soul for a dollar
When I run she runs faster
But if I ran with a run that was faster that run
I would know that I had won
Oh, but that might be a disaster

They held their marshmallows over the fire
They stuffed them in their mouths
In order to quench their desire
But that wasn't what was killing them
Pity was eating them from the very beginning of the end
The flames licked up their tears
They closed their eyes and felt the end was near
And suddenly, the fire went out
There was nothing now to shelter them from that doubt
And when they felt that they had lost
They were too wrong to tell themselves
For on his face was joy
A happy camper on this mountain of the destroyed
He asked them what they were mourning for
This they didn't know, the future was too adjourned
For nothing else there was to address
And so they had let themselves wither in the mess
The end wasn't near, not today or tomorrow
Another day to clean up their sorrow
The happy camper picked up fear
And handed them a new gift, hope was near
For soon in time, there is still tomorrow
When living will no longer be borrowed

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