Letters Between a Cat and a Mouse

June 13, 2012
By kasey_keller BRONZE, Shoreline, Washington
kasey_keller BRONZE, Shoreline, Washington
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Dear Mouse,
You run around
Along the ground
As I watch in temptation.
Anger builds up inside of me
As I watch you run free.
You knock things over
As your little paws cover
Every Table
And every cable
Until you have found
What makes your heart pound.
It’s fine.
Just don’t cross the line.
I just want you to know
That a long time ago
I ate your family members
So you should always remember
Who the boss is around here.
Here is my proposition.
You can stay here under one condition.
I will never see your fuzzy little face
In my place
If I see your whiskers
In my headquarters,
You will suffer.
This is your final warning.

Dear Cat,
You strut around
Like you own the ground
That you walk on.
I know you want me gone,
But too bad.
I will drive you mad,
Because frankly
You are not the boss of me.
I will put my whiskers
In your headquarters
If I feel like it.
I will show my fuzzy face
In your place
As often as I want.
You can try to hunt me down
But in the end,
I will be wearing the crown.
You don’t scare me cat.
Your threats don’t make me quiver.
I understand that I build frustration
And temptation in your big bones
Because of my deliciousness.
But underneath that is ferociousness
And trust me,
You do not want to see that side.
It might destroy your pride.
Here is my proposition.
You will have to deal with me
Because I am not going to flee.
I will live my life on my side of the hole
And you will live your life on your side.
I will exit my home
And roam
On your side
When I am hungry.
Do you understand me?
Here I am.
A mouse laying
To an arrogant cat.
If you have a question,
I’m sure you won’t show any hesitation
To ask.

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