A Light that Guides the Way

June 13, 2012
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The hole is growing deep,
Becoming larger, scarier, and almost infinite.
The hole that hurts when you see an olympic medal or two lovers.
A trench so wide and massive in your heart,
Waiting for a certain shape to fill its hungry hole of loss.

So when a glimmer of hope comes around,
Seen in a new born puppy's eye,
Heard in a dying man's last breath,
And felt in a key to a new house,
It's overlooked....and filled with dread, anger, and frustration.

Terror soon consumes over you.
You are trapped deep within the fence guarding the ditch,
Covered in mud so thick, no one can see your face.
But then, you hear a sound from the world around.
What can it be? A familiar noise, heard only from the past.

The sound of bells chiming, music playing, and love fill the hole and lock it shut.
For joy is like nothing other, stronger than any rock or barbed fence to hold you down.

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