Tell Me

June 13, 2012
By PoeticBoy04 SILVER, Detroit, Michigan
PoeticBoy04 SILVER, Detroit, Michigan
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I'm being abused
But i love this man
He makes my face bruise
With the palm of his hand

Or the clench of his fist
I can't live like this
Having pain in my hips
Wiping blood from my lips

But he's a good dad
He keeps them from feeling pain
He loves those kids so bad
I wish he showed me the same

But he shows me his knuckle
I say "why do you cause me harm"
That metal belt buckle
he says "is the best of his charm"

It hurts, it hurts
I say over and over again
Drop your skirt
Is what he commands

He does me so bold
But I'm scared to complain
So i do what I'm told
To avoid feeling pain

But he keeps me looking nice
From my head to my toe
He never thinks twice
About spending a little dough

But i think it's just a cover-up
So people won't know what's real
He say that we are lovers but
That's really not the deal

Those missing teeth and black eyes
Show he don't love me at all
Those sleepless nights and long cries
Truly reveals it all

Unbawl the fist
Why can't she just tell me
Instead I have to read this
In her diary...

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