Sparkling Shadows

June 13, 2012
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Haven't you seen them yet?
They simply make the heart sing
THey dance in the light of night
And if you look closely you will see
That they be: Sparkling Shadows

Dancing on the edge of what can not be see
To see, a risk must be taken
So over the edge they all lean
A pause as the whispered silence is filled
FIlled with a glorious sound
By that of an unjoyful heart
Which has seen the dance of Sparkling Shadows

Having lost the place we first started
No calm in the midst of nothing but chaos
Unconcerned with things of this world
Facinated by those of the next
No time to be waisted, they must be found
Creatures of dispair, Sparkling Shadows

THeir light has been reviled now all seek them
An endless search for what dances on the edge
Many risks will be taken
For what can not be seen Sparkling Shadows

All those who filled the world before
Are now in the next
All is forgottedn but one Sparkling Shadows

Slipped through their closed fists
They can not be found
For they dance on the edge of what can not be seen
Sparkling Shadows

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