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All the Things She Said

June 13, 2012

They wanted a little girl,

And luck was on their side.

They nurtured her and loved her,

Set rules by which she had to abide.

She wanted to be a cheerleader,

An actress, a princess, and a singer

She had all the ambition of a dreamer,

The youthful tears never used to linger.

She aged day by day,

In a world full of perfection.

She never knew that one day she would fall

Victim to society’s infection.

She never used to care,

But time took that away.

She never cried because of it,

But then the seams started to fray.

So, now she watches the numbers,

The mirror isn’t her friend.

What she would give to make it burn,

A psychological wound that she cannot mend.

And when she’s staring death in the face

From a thousand miles away,

There are hardly any ways to comfort her

And only a few words that they’ll say.

“Don’t you know that you could die?”

No, she hadn’t a clue.

“Stop before it’s too late.”

But why should she listen to you?

There’s a joy in being empty,

There’s a bliss in feeling weak.

Why stop what you deliberately started,

If it’s your only way to speak?

Her stomach is weak though she isn’t ill,

She can’t keep anything down.

She no longer dreams of being a princess,

But she’ll still work for the crown.

And they wanted a little girl,

Pretty and perfect and theirs,

They nurtured her and loved her,

So why does she think no one cares?

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