Her Life

June 22, 2012
We knew something was different about her the day she was born
Late into the night, early into the morning
On what should have been a cold, calm winter’s night
Instead a thunderstorm, strong enough to shake the hospital windows

Born into perfection, or at least in the eyes of those around her
The world rejoiced and welcomed her with open arms
She was soon to be the model child for everyone, before and after
Little did she know what that actually meant for her in the future

Not quite sure why her childhood lasted only six years
And why everything after that was so one battle after the next
Growing up early is nice, they said
Teaches you responsibility, they said

They were right, temporarily
It worked out just fine for her
Made the grades, played the role of the perfect student and daughter
She couldn’t do any wrong even if she did, it was no big deal

Age fifteen, just ten years later, she wanted to do it again
Grow up beyond her years and take that next step
She tried, but she just couldn’t get a grip on things
What wasn’t she doing

Growing up at age 5, she skipped many important life lessons
No one thought it to be important to tell the Golden One
Head all messed up and confused
Heart all alone looking to understand what it can never possibly know

Here she starts to mess up but brushes the evidence under a rug
The stress of being the Golden One, deadly
But that too is overlooked as she continues to serve and please those around her
As if under some kind of spell, she refuses to put herself first or allow acceptance of a mistake

They messed her up greatly those nineteen years ago
And no one has yet to apologize
They just say, “you’ll be ok” and continue with their actions
"You’ll be ok" will soon turn into “We’ll meet again someday”

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