Another Chance

June 21, 2012
I swear my chest was bleeding
when I heard what I heard.
Two rings blistering in the black fright,
had to find the strength in me for you,
to put up this fight.
My vision became blurry
my mind all twirly in thoughts.
I couldn't maintain,
I felt practically insane.
I never had this many tears,
in four years.
Curling my knees to my head,
feeling as dead as the empty bed.
Calling everyone I knew,
just to get to you.

Greed has consumed respect and peace,
no longer is it for ends meet.
The bible says thou shall not kill,
and I’m against killer be killed,
but I guess that's irrelevant,
unless that's what they meant.

When they shot through you,
they shot through my heart,
my better part.
Gold shimmers through the dark night,
screaming why to the sky,
pops whistling through the wind,
Glass all clashed against the buried boards...
the house you call home.

See when you love somebody,
you see their life flash before your eyes,
cry their cries.
You feel all the same pain,
face the same ice hot rain.
It's like two souls wrapped into one,
with the power of the glistening sun,
that can't come undone.

I am just thankful for your “another chance”,
I hope you take advantage of it while you can,
be a real man and rise above,
with the faithfulness of our love.
I can't make your decisions,
but I hope I can alter your options.
I want to be your protection,
your bullet-proof vest,
that protects the bullet, from your chest.

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