Father Feelings

June 21, 2012
By Marqulies Mozley BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
Marqulies Mozley BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
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As i sit here and think of these words to say my heart is feeling nothing but a true child's pain put put my words together thinking time after time how is this game truly played i spit out my rhymes from time to time so i can get rid of this pain the pain of knowing everything has changed that pain of knowing i cant look at you the same knowing i want to so bad but our paths have changed i see now how you changed up on me and i forgot the game the game which told me i can be the best man i can be a better man than you ever were to me all i asked was for your love never cost you a fee but you looked down at me saying could it really be but now I'm older and i see that i am i am the best man i can be even without a true father to guide me

The author's comments:
i wrote this to express my self when i was down and out about my father

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