So Worthless (A Trilogy)

June 21, 2012
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You have changed
You were someone I cared for
Someone I treasured
Someone who made my heart soar

You're not who I thought I knew
You've changed since then
Changed for the worst
But I don't know how or when

You're different
You're mean, your lazy
Insensitive and emotionless
You drive me crazy

You've lost all your old friends
You made few more,
But now, after this
You've lost me as a friend for sure

You're negative and cynical
Arrogant and surly
Thoughtless and invalid
A different person surely...

He is the reason you've changed
The reason you have become a worse human
A worse individual
Plaguing you with negative decisions

It's not just me
I'm not the only one who sees it
Others see your changing way
I see you and it hurts
You are getting worse everyday

It's his fault
Your new friend
He changes you
Your not the same

When your around him
You put up a fight to stay
To stay happy and bright
But this is not the person I knew

The real you
You had a chance to stay the same
But you didn't you lost
You took the wrong path in life's game

Even your so-called friends now
Don't know where to turn
You use those who care
But they are not your confidants
You can't trust them
Because they don't trust you
You don't care about them
Because you're not yourself with him
He changes you
Makes the people around you dim.

If you're going to sit there
Waste your life away
Being tired and grim
Then stop wasting my time
With this worthless whim

You are not a good person
By any means at all
I don't know why I loved you
For this was my fall

You're not worth my time
Nor the time of others
I thought we were friends
But you and him are like brothers

Never separating
And that's fine
But you left the rest of us alone
Without you, my life is mine

I'm sorry for you
You build up with him
And let the people around you crumble
Falling down
An avalanche of let down

Not worth my time
Not worth her time
Not worth anyone's time
Not worth anything to anyone
Because you are blind

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