June 21, 2012
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I never thought I'd have to worry
I always thought
I was on better terms
With you--
You, the one that I love so much
You, the one I never though through
Because you are amazing
And totally chill
This is something I admire
Something my heart needs to fill
With your presence and lack of emotionally You never get worked up
You always seem like you don't care
You never seem awake
Or vibrant, or happy at all
Yet I stare, and wonder
I like you, but need you as a friendship
I don't have any friends like you...
You confuse me greatly
And muse me to no end
I never know your purpose
Or of whom you depend
Everything, I never know!
So make up your mind
Be more decisive and clear
Tell me how you really feel!
Make me shed a tear!
I command you,
Do not try to spare my heart
It is too late
Put me out of misery
End my dreadful wait
What is our status
Are you still upset?
Should I stay away?
Back off?
Or keep holding on...
For dear life
I will fall either way
There is no difference in outcomes
Except, the direction of my fall
Into your arms of friendships?
Or plummet to the dark abyss of dejection. . .
This is my question for you.
Answer this, and I will forever
Be most grateful to you.
Catch me.

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