Natures Music in the Night

June 21, 2012
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The rain pitter patters on the cool cut stone in the nearby grass
As if to imitate drumbeats to music
With the rain came a flash and a bang
Which starts the musical piece as the instruments are at ready begin to play
Drip drop bang pitter patter flash
And the music is underway
The audience is dead silent listening to the peaceful sounds
In comes the wind to the piece
Drip woosh drip drip drop woosh bang pitter patter flash
The music begins to crescendo with a crash and a crack of lightning’s whip
Then decrescendo with the rumble of thunders drums
Drums which play in time with the beat
As if nature is calling for it
And all those who are listening hear them come together in harmony
Drip woosh drip drop crash rumble bang pitter patter flash

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