Meant To Fail

When I’m Not With You
Day Seems Night
The Sun Doesn’t Seem As Warm
My Day Turns To Storm
Call Me What You Wish
It’s Nothing I Can’t Handle
I’ve Been Called Worse
You Ask Me, Like What?
Try Your Girlfriend
Cry Me A River
We’ll Cry Together
You’ll Hold Me Like I’m Fragile
And Say You Never Want To Leave
Oh God What Have I Done?
I Turned Something Good
And Made It Sleeze
I Pushed You Away
Not Wanting You To Stay
Yes I Know What I Did
Do You Have Anything Else To Say?
God Knows The Reason I Cry At Night
God Knows It You
But I Thought We Would Bounce Back
Like We Always Do
We Were To High Fall
Too Good To Fail
And To Bad To Make It
But I Thought We Would Take What We Had
And Make The Most Of It
It Didn’t Happen That Way This Time
This Time Round Is Our Last
I Thought We Could Make It
I Thought I Could Take It
Guess I Was Wrong
We Were Meant To Fail
And Fail We Did
So I Guess This Is Goodbye
There’s No Coming Back Again

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