Meant To Fail

June 21, 2012
By ChandlerPowell PLATINUM, Sarasota, Florida
ChandlerPowell PLATINUM, Sarasota, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
Love is Greater, than the Pressure to be Perfect.
What People Say ; Doesn't Define Who I Am.
I I'm A Boomerang, Doesn't Matter How You Throw Me, Turn Around And I'm Back In The Game, Even Better Then The Old Me

When I’m Not With You
Day Seems Night
The Sun Doesn’t Seem As Warm
My Day Turns To Storm
Call Me What You Wish
It’s Nothing I Can’t Handle
I’ve Been Called Worse
You Ask Me, Like What?
Try Your Girlfriend
Cry Me A River
We’ll Cry Together
You’ll Hold Me Like I’m Fragile
And Say You Never Want To Leave
Oh God What Have I Done?
I Turned Something Good
And Made It Sleeze
I Pushed You Away
Not Wanting You To Stay
Yes I Know What I Did
Do You Have Anything Else To Say?
God Knows The Reason I Cry At Night
God Knows It You
But I Thought We Would Bounce Back
Like We Always Do
We Were To High Fall
Too Good To Fail
And To Bad To Make It
But I Thought We Would Take What We Had
And Make The Most Of It
It Didn’t Happen That Way This Time
This Time Round Is Our Last
I Thought We Could Make It
I Thought I Could Take It
Guess I Was Wrong
We Were Meant To Fail
And Fail We Did
So I Guess This Is Goodbye
There’s No Coming Back Again

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