Give me a reason to stay

June 21, 2012
By NeishaIsMagical PLATINUM, Burlington, Vermont
NeishaIsMagical PLATINUM, Burlington, Vermont
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And I wonder as I break away from your unyielding grasp,
If you notice the tear hanging upon my eye,
or the tremor passing through my body,
as I dodge inevitable feelings,
and the intolerable consequence of what it means to be by your side,
for your heart is laden with shredded promises,
and cracked memories,
I can not repair the damage,
but I hope you will let my own blood search the crevices of what is torn inside you,
I yearn to fall,
everlasting freedom and release,
for your arms seem warm and secure,
if only they were not translucent,
I would trust there grip around my waist,
but since you hesitate,
and let my affections slip away,
I shall disappear into the summer wind someday,
For what else is there to say?
What else is there to say?

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