What you dont see through the eyes of sorrow

June 20, 2012
By Lyfe_Changez BRONZE, MaysLanding, New Jersey
Lyfe_Changez BRONZE, MaysLanding, New Jersey
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The water hits her face with a force to be reckon with
Her face warned and unannounced
Her hands as smooth as the gentle touch of ocean breeze
She sits down on the cozy sand, running the sand between her toes
She takes comfort with the world around her piece by piece
Wondering if she will have the answers to the question deep inside
Her body is screaming for a release from this battle inside her heart
Suddenly she hears her name being called urgently waiting a response
She tries to ignore this feeling but the signals are shooting her like a laser straight to her heart and soul
Then she noticed that the roots of this are not on the surface
It actually might take a while because her roots run deep.
The smell of the fresh grass tickles her skin
As I walk passed every Sunday morning I tend to sit and watch the process in the making
She writes through the pain, and each thing has a representation of her life
The pen that she writes with represents as it bleeds onto the paper force
The paper represents remorsefulness as it absorbs the feelings from her thoughts
And her body represents sorrow
I stop every now and then to watch and see what's next
But today was different I think she wanted me to watch and feel what she was feeling
So I stopped and read from the signals she was sending me from way yonder
It came to me as she started to write through the eyes of sorrow
She asked “What do you see?"
I see a life
A life that has been taken
A life that gives a life
A life with no life
Then she asked “Why is it this way?”
The eyes are something worth the time to nourish
The eyes are supposed to be....but what can they be?
I hate that you can't see what I see,
Because your heart is closed and all alone
Your heart is broken, and provoked
Your heart is less than you expected
How could this be more than it used to me
But if you look really closely you will see through these eyes of sorrow
When she gave me the aloneness of her heart to chance to feel what she felt
The paper was written out of a hurting place
Down and out she was going
Sinking through a darkened place beneath the face of the Earth
As I took a seat far away from her I thought to myself why does this sound like me
My mood, my heart, my life
"I never wanted to hide it all in", I said
But I'm still not really clear because I seem to not be able to see through the eyes of sorrow.

The author's comments:
Every Sunday me and my friends wegosit on the sand on the beach and write every early morning..andthis is about one of the days we were there...

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