Nightmare of my mind part 1

June 20, 2012
lord knows my eyes are brown but they tell a pool of stories...nobody seems to support my words but if i wrap u like a anaconda ill suffocate u in my lifes ambitions,pride,pain and everything else you cant handle.. i love you no heart though...pull out the gun blow your brains out and look into the eyes of the killer and accept what ive done.yes ive caused you pain but please dont tell me,that you havent brought me here....tell me you havent brought me here. let the words drag like run on sentences and things youll never understand unless i put the correct punctation while being punctual. love me and ill love you..if you cant do so its....sucicde. Some people see me as thast brown eyed, brown skinned ambitious but i just look in the mirro is a person whose starving...starving to be better but only knows how to write letter that will eventually make the cheddar the cheese or even the mind changing of some people. So lord please let mee be me and follow the wayof your vision of me...i wanna be the throat of my own thoughts,the tounge of the constant changing nation and the lips of the world. All together we make sound and hopefully it makes sense.. im not perdfect because lust whips me with the tip of the motion that is no good that ,make babies lonely and mothers destined to be single.....single mother and childless offspring. in this ppoem im not singing but i hope you feel my lyrics like its your favorite song...the beat is silence andd if you heard correct your listening and admiring something different.i cant wait to peace to come and heaven to kiss me to declare me king of the earth i stand on...not to dominate but ur eyes to glisten when you look at me. your heart to warm when you think of me and your mind to open when the memories of "us" pass ur mind...i cant wait to find peace...peace with my future exs,enemies,friends, emotions,and last but not least on my mind that wraps my mind on peace....

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