Heart Of The Phoenix

June 20, 2012
By FatalFireLivesWithin BRONZE, Lexington, Kentucky
FatalFireLivesWithin BRONZE, Lexington, Kentucky
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Traveling through the forest
on a curvy train.
All these obstacles floating
above the memories and the pain.
The forest is lighting up
with the smell of fire.
The fire keeps rising
higher and higher.

How can I escape the burning,
the fear,the hurt,and the scarring?
Trapped in the forest
while it's scorching down.
I need help
but nobody's around.
No one to help or save me from
this treacherous red flame
flooding the forest.

Life's floating with the breeze.
Life's burning with the trees.
Life's beating me to pieces.
Life goes down,
up,and around.
Left,right,and back.

Escaping the forest
was surely a miracle.
with a lot of scars
inside and out.
Beaten senselessly
to a point,
I'm lucky I'm alive.
Lucky to make it through,
when my life
was on the line.

My life was saved.



I'm healing faster
than anyone expected.
Faster than I ever could have imagined anyone healing.
Even from a train wreck
such as this.

The forest has regained light.
But this time,
the glistening light of life.
The bushes are smiling.
The birds are chirping,
and the forest is singing.

The memories will always
remain wrapped in my head.
I will never forget
this life changing event.
I won't ever forget
the pain and suffering I endured.
Or the fact that I
was almost dead.

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