Father + Daughter Love

June 12, 2012
By bandgeek03 BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
bandgeek03 BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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"If you didnt like me at my worse, you must be damned if you think i will give you my best" (My cousin who changed up what Marylin Monroe said)

Do I love my dad?
Of course I do
I have must respect for him
But sometimes I feel like
I jump through hoops
And run track loops
Just to impress him

I shout
Talk loud
And scream when I speak
Because it’s like he’s never near me
And I look to my left
Or other people when Im speaking
Because that’s what he does when
He’s near me

My mom says tell him
How you feel let him
Know what’s going on
Btu when I tell
Him what’s in my heart
He acts like I did something wrong

And yes the past 8 years
Have been a struggle
But I still act this way
Because with each passing
Second, moment,
Month and year
Im craving for his attention
Each and every day

So with the end of this
Here’s something I want to say
Dad, this Father + Daughter love
Has to happen another way…..

The author's comments:
My love for my father and how i feel about our relationship inspired me to do this. After a conversation with my mom where she pointed out my flaws, i wondered why i was doing these thing....and then i realized why so i decided to vent my feeling the best way i know how... I hope you all enjoy it

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