Forgetting The Heart Breaker

June 12, 2012
Oh the summer we met was the best summer ever,
Tail lights,
Oh how hard I fell for you,
School came around,
You were the star football player,
I was the captain of the cheer team,
Oh how you used to kiss me with your gentle lips,
What I didn't know was those lips created lies.

When you said goodbye,
My heart was droned,
With its own blood,
It stopped beating its rhythm,
I was left dead,
A body with no soul.

The sun shinned on my soul,
I came back to life,
But the pain still haunted,
I couldn't stop thinking about you,
When I saw you at school with your new victim,
I broke more,
Then I knew what I had to do.

Forget you.

Forget your ocean eyes,
That I always got lost in,
Your lips and kisses,
That I was addicted to like a drug,
Your voice,
That had me chained to do everything you wanted,
Your touch,
That made me stop thinking.

I can never forget you entirely,
I will forget the good,
But never forget the pain,
As it has left my heart scared to the point of no repair.

I can fake a smile,
Hide the pain,
Till it all slips away like sand in the wind.

And when that day comes I will then,


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