The Darkness of Depression

June 12, 2012
The sunshine of my happiness,
Weaker than that of others,
Never as bright as it should be,
Never as right as it can be,
The darkness of my depression,
Leaves a scolding impression,
Stronger than my Sunshine,
Defeating the best thing that’s mine,
The darkness of my depression,
I can feel it reaching,
My very sunshine,
It is breaching,
The darkness of depression,
The very best at deception,
It tricked me into thinking it was gone,
The mood change has just begun,
The darkness of depression,
Step one – Anger to hide my weakness,
Step two – All happy memory gone,
Step three – Sadness explodes out like a bomb,
The darkness of depression,
I do something to release the tension,
Physical pain now becomes the object,
Mental Pain is part forgotten,
The darkness of depression,
Made me shout at a friend,
She tried to help,
All I did was yelp, about me, nothing else,
The darkness of depression,
It won the battle,
It does every single time,
Soon, happiness will be mine.

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