My view on Love

June 12, 2012
By Punkgoddess17 SILVER, Charlestown, Indiana
Punkgoddess17 SILVER, Charlestown, Indiana
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Life is to short to BLEND IN!!!

Love is sacred.
Love is shopping for a dress for your first date.
Love is the first kiss on the 3rd date.
Love is…

Love is laughing with a friend.
Love is laughing at a friend.
Love is getting all excited over “the” boy.
Love is crying over the heartbreak.
Love is…

Love is the blush in your cheeks when he says you’re beautiful.
Love is the butterflies in your tummy at the first I love you.
Love is the shock and happiness that goes through you when he gets down on one knee.
Love is…

Love is crying while trying to say I do.
Love is sharing the first piece of cake.
Love is ya’lls first dance.
Love is running through a rice storm.
Love is…

Love is the tears in his eyes as he holds his new baby girl.
Love is watching him spoil her.
Love is watching her grow up.
Love is…

Love is waking up next to him for the next 70 years.
Love is still being just as in love as you were the day you met.
Love is still being kissed with no teeth.
Love is…
Love is being old and gray, still together.
Love is still being called baby at 80.
Love is watching your grandchildren grow up.
Love is…

Love comes in all shapes and sizes.
From loving your child
To loving your friends.
From loving your husband
To loving yourself.
No matter what
Love is…important.

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