"My Life"

June 12, 2012
By xZekex BRONZE, Mattapan, Massachusetts
xZekex BRONZE, Mattapan, Massachusetts
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Black Power is giving power to people who have not had power to determine their destiny. - Huey P. Newton (Founder of the Black Panther Party)

A living nightmare is dark as Doomsday.
I’m twisting and turning, my heartbeat pounding.
My body overheats and I sweat like a rainstorm.
Hearing voices calling my name, I wake, I scream.
“Where am I at?”

My life is not
A dream!
A wish you make on your birthday!
My life is
A candle blown out...
The room dark
And the demons
Viciously stabbing me with their poisons!
A welcoming party
A welcome to hell.

Every day,
Every night.
I’ll pray to make things right.
Tears race a marathon.
It’s life without grace.
But I keep my chin up.
It takes hard work to make things blow up.
Mess up and I’m going to play catch up.
I’m doing my own thing.
Not saying
Not thinking
But I’m doing my own thing.
I gotta’ lay low...
I keep away from these gangsters,

BANG!... BANG!... BANG!...
That sound I’ll never forget.
A memory I’ve lived to regret.
Having trouble controlling my breath.
Heart going into sudden death.
Right around the corner
I can feel the danger.
“What’s controlling me, is it anger?”
My best friend.
Not saying a word - he’s never shy.
His muscles aren’t moving like a statue.
His eyes wide open like he’s seeing through you.
I look down on
The one I’ve looked up
To since I was three.
Blood painted all over my hand.
Wake up!
Tears dripping like rain...
I’m sick of this pain!

There’s no one I can trust.
Everybody looks at me in disgust.
Time has frozen so has my heart.
My blood, isn’t flowing...
My heart, no rhythm...
My body, cold-blooded...
Life... is rigid
Around each corner
Here comes the devil...
With a gun...
Pointed at my head.

The author's comments:
I'm new to Teen Ink I just starting about a week ago. I started to write poetry about 2 months ago and my teachers say im really good and if you think so please comment. I'm from Boston, MA neighborhood is really bad and i wrote this poem from my surroundings and events that are true. This is my first piece for everyone to see.

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