Bed Time Nightmares

June 13, 2012
By Matt Brady BRONZE, Holmdel, New Jersey
Matt Brady BRONZE, Holmdel, New Jersey
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Laying down on my bed dreaming,
Tired from the day now I’m fearing,
That there is a monster under my bed,
I quickly ducked down my head,
And I saw that there was nothing there…

Now I’m thinking that I heard tips of droplets,
So I quickly turned to my closet,
Now I hear something from the other side,
So I slip under my covers and hide,
Then I peered to my closet and gave it a long, long stare…

Now I think I see a light,
It is not to dim but it’s not that too bright,
It was a perfect sight to be very cruel,
If you saw it you would imagine a ghost yell “BOO!”
But then I blinked and did not see a glare…

“Ahh!” I gasped into my mysterious cave or room,
Because I heard a mysterious boom,
From a witch with a broom and a fright,
So I had enough and I turned on the light,
And I found out nothing was there…

Before I laid back down I took one last peak,
Trying to see if I would shriek,
But at that time I finally fell asleep,
Because there was nothing for me to see. There was nothing there...

The author's comments:
A baby or a young kid's bed time story. About a young kid who thinks someone is breaking into his family's high apartment building, but after the poem he realizes no one is there and he falls asleep.

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