Blank Stares

June 5, 2012
By sociallyunawkward SILVER, Oak Park, Illinois
sociallyunawkward SILVER, Oak Park, Illinois
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The brunette stared right through the blond as if they hadn’t been best friends for the last year. As if their entire relationship had just shattered right there in the hallway in front of everyone like chalk falling from a clean, yellow box. The blond knew that she was dangerous; she knew her brain malfunctions made her a toxic friend but she had tried with this one and she didn’t know why the brunette couldn’t try just as hard. Instead, she had given up and thrown the confetti shreds of what was left up in the air like a celebration. She was happy to be out of there.

The blond could tell she was difficult to be around but she only had a vague understanding as to why. She put just as much in as everyone else but she only got shabby hand-me-downs back.

Maybe it was because she often spit out words of hate and misunderstanding to those she loved most in a fit of rage and jealousy. She would try her hardest to hold on but her grip would slip at the thought of trying to control her emotions. She spoke her mind, not in an effort to offend but in an attempt to show how she felt; it was the only way she knew how.

She wished her journal could be spilled to the brunette but she couldn’t even get the tick of a clock from her. Try as she might she knew it would never happen. So, for now she must learn to stick with blank stares at busy intersections in hallways at school.

The author's comments:
I feel that the physical descriptions of characters are less important then their emotional descriptions; it's just kind of my style. This is about a best friend that I had and how my mental illness ruined our friendship.

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