June 5, 2012
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Sitting here on the ground
Surrounded by a mirror
Surrounded by darkness
Surrounded by silence
Sitting and watching
How the darkness envelops the mirror

Darkness reflects off the mirror
And becomes more darkness

Sudden flash of the light bulb
Disturbs the dark
One single light bulb
Floating in the sky
Suddenly there is a ceiling

The ceiling catches the light bulb
The light stops the darkness from swallowing the mirror

I can see only one reflection at first
I see myself sitting there
On the ground
Engulfed in darkness

After I see myself
In the mirror
I see more
I see more
The ground is in the mirror
And the ceiling

The ground begins to shake
Not the ground I am sitting on
The ground in the mirror
Then I see screws emerging from the ground
There are no screws next to me
The mirror tells a different tale

The mirror tells a different tale
A tale of light
Dim and gentle light

Unaware of where the light is coming from
I look harder into the mirror
It does not come from anywhere
Rather it comes from everywhere
Dim and gentle light
Pouring out from the mirror
Onto me
The dim light wraps itself around me
Wrapped as soft as a fur blanket
Coating my skin with warmth
I sit there in silence with the light wrapped around me

The silence is broken by a melody so soft
It floats just above me
Unaware where the music is coming from
I look back into the mirror
Behind me there is a harp
Covered in gold
Glistening in the light
When I turn around it is not there

Only in the mirror
The harp strings move every so quietly
Each movement of the strings produces notes that float
Float through the mirror
And dance around me
In the festival of light
The light not only wraps me
But wraps the notes as well

And I sit there for a while
Listening to harp’s melodies
Wrapped in light

I sit there for a while
Listening to the harp’s melodies
Wrapped in light

Until the light grows dimmer
The warmth escapes through my fingertips
The music grows softer
Leaving my ears without sweet sound
And finally I am left alone
Alone with my mirror
Surrounded by darkness

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