Never Forget the Forgotten

June 22, 2012
She has no face because she has no name
She has no identity
She is just another face in the crowd
A stranger on the side walk
The noticeable but forgotten
The alive but dead inside
The loud but unheard
The screaming yet silent
You wouldn't even know her if you were looking in the mirror
Staring into the dead eyes that she doesn't have
Smiling at her though she can't smile back
turning your back on her once more because you can't handle the face not staring back at you
Surrounded but lonely
quiet but yelling
sitting in the remains of broken glass that you left for her to clean up
picking up the pieces of your life as you lose them
only to make her self hole again
you forget about about her until one day you look in the mirror and find that you don't have a face either.
Never forget the Forgotten.

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ToriTerrify said...
Jun. 28, 2012 at 7:51 pm
i love this, it is absolutely, beautifuly, perfect!
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