June 22, 2012
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this poem i write, can it describe me? can it describe all the things ive done? the things im bound to do?

why do people put so much trust in me? all these secrets they tell seems everlasting

then theres the looks. the tan skin. the small breasts. the tall height. the curly hair. why do people find intrest in me?

is it because im a virgin? or is it because of my lions pride?

what draws people to me? is it my flashy green pants? or my big t-shirt?

then you and him and them try to tell me how to live life.

this is my life, and i want to live it fun, even if its not right

im not saying ill drink or smoke nor s**

but i want to experience life, and even death

life isnt always a b****, death may not be her sister

but then again what do i know? im only what? 12? 13? 14?

it seems being 15 isnt what everyone wants it to be

the lies, the scandal, the s**, the reputation.

this isnt the story of my life

babe this is just the prologue

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