May 27, 2012
By Anonymous

Your heart reminds you
And your thoughts choke you
You wish you could forget
All this regret
Gnawing at your sanity
Utter goodbye
To rationality
And remember that it wasn't
Always this way
And recall it wasn't them
Who refused to stay

There you go
Stumbled over the ledge
But still you hang on
On with both hands
As the realization stuns you
And the guilt attacks you
You cry out into nothingness
Begging for forgiveness
But because you hid
From them all
No one is there
To hear your desperate call

Do you miss them all yet?
Are you sick of your regret?
You long for their love Again
But how could they condone
Your sin?
All you want is to be Unbound
All you need is to be
You see the light in the
You crawl toward it
In jaded silence
Its time, time and you know
Its time, time to go home

The author's comments:
My father is addicted to drugs. Even when he's technically clean, the addiction will always lies just under his skin. Just recently, he relapsed. My family sent him into rehabilitation in the hopes that maybe if he understood the underlying reason for his addiction, he could control it. I wrote this piece for him. I wanted him to realize that even though his regret, his shame seemed to be eating him from the inside out like a true living beast, even though it seems like we wouldn't be there for him anymore...we would. He would always have a home. But HE is the one who has to decide to come home. And he's almost free.

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