Paths To ______.

May 27, 2012
This world has
Rubbed me raw.
Left my bones
To its' seasons.

Yet you,
You appear before me-

Mine forever to gaze at.
To remind me,
That bliss did not die.
I simply replaced it.

Substitution for what?
I ask your shadow.
Ashamed to speak these things
To your face.

What could I have desired;
To have lead me to this place?

And though I may never
Know these answers,
Perhaps one day
I will learn from you.

What did you do different?
To keep so well preserved
From the waves, from the wind.
Ever-changing like the paths we all travel.

Our paths.
Which inevitably
Lead me
To you.

Not one moment
Would I change.
None of the dark
I would cast away.

These things,
I see- are fickle now.

And you,
You are the Factor.

An energy
Radiating out to the dark.
Just bright enough,
For my eyes to see.

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