May 27, 2012
All these years we've seen and passed
Of ridicule and being stereotyped
There's just one thing I've wanted
One thing I've never gotten
I've been ignored and denied everything
Abandoned by friends and family
Not once did anyone think about what it is I could want
All I ever wanted was for one's arms to enclose me
And for someone to whisper to me
Just to tell me it'll be okay
That everything will work out in the end
But no one cared to try
They all just watched me cry
Let my tears drip for nothing
And when I would scream
They’d just ignore me, or brand me again
They’d call me an attention seeker, an attention who***
But that’s not what I wanted at all
I needed help
I needed reassurance
But instead I was left alone
And words remained unspoken
My heart remained broken
And I cried once more

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