Lonely Little Child

May 27, 2012
By Eveylynn SILVER, Alto, Texas
Eveylynn SILVER, Alto, Texas
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Falling, Falling
lonely little child
Why was it running
away from home?
Spring was fading
Winter so far away
Autumn creeping up
from the shadows
of the seasons
Summer on it's away

Why was it running
away from home?
It's home was
in the branches of it's mother

Disconnected from life
lonely little child
set apart from the sea
of green
Falling, Falling
lonely little child

The author's comments:
My English teacher told my English I class to write a poem about nature. We went outside to get our creative juices flowing.
I hope that readers will understand that this poem is about a "leaf" that died and was falling to the earth in the beginning of summer, clearly out of place compared to the vibrant green blanket above it. The message is that sometimes life can take an unexpected turn, sometimes leading you away from healthy relationships or people, but no matter the outcome, always keep your head up.

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