The Unknown

May 27, 2012
By itzel navarro BRONZE, Lynwood, California
itzel navarro BRONZE, Lynwood, California
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The wind doesn't hit them
The sun rays do not gleam on them
They leave in a land that doesn't exist

They cry in the corner
Waiting for someone to find them
To feed them the words
That they yearn to hear

The melancholy in the place
Is to hard to imagine
No one speaks
Only you hear The breath of brave,sad souls
Waiting to exist

All that they wish
All that they yearn
Is to fit in that place where the sun hits and the wind blows
The place where they can be heard

The author's comments:
I think that a lot of people ignore or simply disregard events that are affecting third world countries today, or the mishaps of the less fortunate. It naive of me to think that we can change peoples situations, but we as a society have the responsibility to listen and TRY to help.

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