May 27, 2012
By faerie-tales PLATINUM, Colchester, Connecticut
faerie-tales PLATINUM, Colchester, Connecticut
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We don’t miss life until death consumes us all,
and takes us to the valley of the dead and gone,
We don’t really ever ascend until we fall,
our world goes black at the break of dawn,

Can you feel the silence? Heavy as a stone,
it sets around us leaving us all alone,

We don’t regret the past until the present begins,
because time is a golden, wicked thing,

We can’t really ever pay for our sins,
you can only keep a promise with a worthless ring,

Can you hear the beating? It comes from the heart,
drowning out feelings until we fall apart,

We don’t remember the beginning until the end,
when our lives flash by us in a rapid procession,
We won’t really ever be as free as the wind,
we’re eternally bound by our deadly confessions,

Can you see the people? Lined up one by one,
waiting for the punishment for what they have done,

We don’t change the past simply ‘cause we can’t,
however the future is unwritten, an open book,
we create the future, by the seeds we plant,
hope sets us free, it’s an endless outlook,

Can you sense the miracle of life itself?
It can make us and break us while forging chains,
it’s not about possessions, not about wealth,
life is our future,present, and past, life is love and love remains.

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