Ashley's Mom

May 27, 2012
By faerie-tales PLATINUM, Colchester, Connecticut
faerie-tales PLATINUM, Colchester, Connecticut
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Remember when your tears used to be from laughter,

tell me what happened, my beautiful disaster,

I can recall a time when love overruled pain,

a time when you could feel, without opening a vein,

Hey angel, tell me, where did it all go wrong?

Your life came to an end like a tragic love song,

I wish I knew what I did to make you go,

Were there signs? Did you try to let me know?

It’s too late now your life has already faded,

I’m sitting in your room now, just wishing you waited,

If only you took your life just a few minutes later,

I keep on thinking, “I could have saved her.”

But maybe it was already too late,

you made your choice, drew out fate,

I love you baby, you were my only girl,

did you know Ashley, that you were my world?

But now your gone and there’s nothing I can do,

besides seal your room and push away my pain too,

Please tell me you have memories of when you loved life,

I hope your last thought wasn’t of the blade of your knife,

Ashley honey, I’ll never forget you, even as I close your door,

And Ashley angel, I forgive you, after all that’s what mommy’s for.

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