Romeo & Juliet

May 27, 2012
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Last night I sat in bed and cried,
I sat among full bottles of pills; razors laced with blood,
Those bottles were meant to be emptied, I was going to empty myself,
but last night in bed, I thought of you,

I counted the reasons why,
I calculated how many tablets to take,
I organized each blade by size, I was ready last night,
but then I remembered you,

I cried as I put the pills away,
I sobbed as I threw each razor blade away,
Because I changed my mind last night,
all because of you,

I couldn’t seem to part this world,
without your hand in mine,
I needed to be with you last night; one last time,
I didn’t want to forget you,

But then again, how could I?
Your scent was in my sheets; on which I had just cried,
Your name was etched in my mind, floating by and by,
I touched my heart and felt you,

So I left my deathbed for your house,
eager to see your face, hear your voice again,
I climbed the four floors and knocked on your door,
but you didn’t answer,

So I opened the unlocked door and entered,
and that’s when I found you in bed,
you were in bed dying, I was just crying out your name,
but you didn’t answer,
Wrapped around your sheets; which smelled of me,
covered in alcohol and sweat, I saw empty bottles
I saw bloody razor blades as I wondered why
you were holding a picture of me.

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