June 20, 2012
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I'm a caged beast
With nothing left to give
Waiting for release
So I can finally live
Everyone passes by
Without a single glance
They don't look me in the eye
They don't give me a second chance

I'm locked away
Handcuffed and chained
Nothing more than prey
Unwilling and untrained
I am punished
I'm not like the rest
I am banished
I do not confess

Inclosed in this prison
I'm slowly going insane
With no good reason
I'm swallowed by the pain
I deny my guilt
I remain innocent
My world begins to tilt
Still I stay silent

I'm stuck here
Inside this cement block
Waiting for a savior to appear
To open up my lock
You all hate me
For no evil deed
I long to be free
That's all I ever need

I'm bolted to the floor
Clawing for freedom
I don't recall how it was before
Can't believe what I've become
Nightmares are my reality
No one is here
I'm desperate and lonely
Lost in my fear

IS anybody out there?
Are you all the same?
Can anybody swear
That they know their own name?
Grab my hand
Don't loosen your grip
Pull my from the sand
Never let me slip

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Charcoal said...
Sept. 29, 2013 at 4:56 pm
Great poem. You are a talented writer and it shows through your work and passion.
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