~Set You Free~

June 20, 2012
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You sit and speak with loaded guns, ain't able to find the sun.
Why do you fear our God when salvation is all you want?
I don't understand- you sit around people you've never met;
consuming the smoke from your cigarette.
~You think it sets you free, you say it sets you free. But I believe God is the one you want- He is our shining sun. So listen up and believe with me~
You say you're scared of death 'cause you haven't lived yet.
You're havin' your regrets.
You left your friends behind-
you didn't want 'em to see you cry-
not ever.
~You say it's nothing, you say you got nothing. But I believe God is what you need. He died for the sins of you and me. Please believe you'll be alright.. walk with me to this light and believe~
Hold out your hand, friend;
let me lead you to Him.
Pour out your heart, love;
cry on my shoulder
and listen to His words.
Hold up your head, kid;
smile up a storm
at His words.
~You put out your cigarette, set down your beer and open your ears to hear. You say the Bible is love;
the Bible IS love;
and now I believe..
He has

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