Cobblestone Clouds

June 20, 2012
Soaring high and humming low
Beautiful robes around heaven's shoulders
Flowing across the wide, bright blue
Shrinking the space between me and you

With the cool autumn dawn
I send my love from across the Pond
I miss you, my dear
You know it is true
The warmth inside my heart
lets me know you miss me, too

Wispy threads pull the silky patches together
reminding me of the cold London streets
where we used to talk about life
Where clasped hands spoke
our minds in Morse code

Spending the days walking along the whitewashed cliffs
side by side, hand in hand, one soul
Wasting nights on the balcony
counting the angels looking down from above

Now that I am so far away
No one walks with you
The balcony weeps for company
and you lie in pieces

It may seem as though I am gone forever
but we, my darling, share a special bond
Hold me in your heart as I hold you in mine,
savoring the memories locked inside

Letters may travel across the world
but can never enter the heart
like the presence of a loved one
This lesson I have learned very well
My love, wait for me
Time will pass
and we will be united

When you feel lonely,
step onto our balcony and listen
The wind whispers our story
The ocean sings our song
Reminding you, my sweet,
it will not be long

I will gather up my love
and place it in the air
Hoping the jet stream
will ensure my arrival there

One day you will awaken
step outside and see
Before Big Ben strikes noon
you will be with me

That bright spring morning
you will hear my call
My name spoken in your sweet voice
will end the captain's stall

Hearing your name from harbor
my voice calling loud
I see you coming
pushing through the crowd

Our wait ends
This moment transcends
above all others

Our love weathered the distance
and survived the test of time
From now until forever
you will always be mine

Finally we are together
There is no more space
between me and you

Meeting on the cliffs
where we first kissed
Caressed by cobblestone clouds

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GlittaDreamz said...
Sept. 16, 2013 at 9:51 pm
i love it u should upload to wattpad!!!
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