June 19

June 20, 2012
By Anonymous

Ice cream tastes so fine on this day
The sun's peeking out of the clouds
Everythings ok
Yeah I'm hating school
Just as always
Stuck with the same people everyday

They dont know me
No they dont understand
I'm just young and restless
Penny in one hand
I need to go outside
Simply get away
F***ing smile in the pouring rain
I need to go

Boys these days just have no brains
I hear word of zombies
The boys wont be prey
Because life isn't as happy as in romance books
And we read them just to get away
And the girls want love
But thats too far away
We get what we want
Then we dont wanna stay

Oh they dont own me
No they dont understand
Sometimes I want to run and scream
Take me by the hand
Take me away from those other crooks
Take me to a place I've never been

Take me out of the clouds
I'm floating away
Save me from myself
Thats all I can say

Oh they dont know me
They dont understand
I don't party out
This is no drink in my hand
Oh I'm only young
I'd like to stay that way
Lets go out and sing in the pouring rain

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