June 19, 2012
My heart the dedication
the love that i put into your heart
i did nothing but try
try for us
missing your lips
the feel
i think you should know this
you should know that i didn't
i didn't deserve you
you cheated, lied,and mentally abused me
it wasn't worth it
i fell in love with you
after all you did
you still loved me
or was it a lie
i was broken
not broken bones
broken hearted
love was no more
no more then abuse
you didn't care
it wasn't real anymore
i fell flat
flat to my face
as i cried for you
just one last chance of hearing you
i felt no love no more
i felt half hearted
because i was
there was no more to us
i feel nothing no more
i am nothing
to you at all
i see you
but your with her
your happy
and I'm not but i cant ruin both of us
i found a reason to start over
and the reason is you

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