Redwood Tree Bench

June 19, 2012
By FaintSerenity BRONZE, San Pablo, California
FaintSerenity BRONZE, San Pablo, California
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Over by the Redwood Tree Bench, the cold winter air blows through. The wind flies by leaving you wondering where your thought will lead you. It’s nothing fancy or anything amusing, but it holds great beauty within its simplicity. This tall grand tree is happy right at home, yet it only has a brown sturdy bench engraved with carvings of past memories to keep it company. It is not the oldest out of its siblings, but it’s the most observant because it is not easily distracted by the others. Its lower branches slouch down towards the ground hiding the warm sun away from anything or anyone who comes to sit on the bench. However the sun finds a way to shine some light through the thick branches giving me some warmth on my cold cheeks. The leaves are easily swayed by a simply a breeze and goose bumps appears as my teeth chatters. Its roots are deep within the soil, yet I see small roots just about the ground. This Redwood Tree is planted firm on the right side of the Foster Building and next to a staircase leading to the art building and campus parking lot. The tree is surrounded by patches of freshly cut grass. Looking up, its trunk is endless and the soft blue sky is not visible, but sitting on the bench, you catch a glance of the whole landscape. A mountain is just off the distance reaching for the sky. Just above the soccer field, a brown wooden cross from the church down the street is in sight. Main buildings suddenly look so small and I surprisingly feel like I’m above everything. Over by the Redwood Tree Bench, there is no such thing as time. The air is fresh, clean and easy to breathe in. The calm silence is comforting and being alone does not scare me but gives me a moment to take in life. The view is beautiful and everything stays still, but only when you’re there. It is a place of refuge and so it is left behind lonely when it is not needed, but it will always be there if you ever need a place to breathe.

The author's comments:
This piece is my first publication on this site. It was merely an English class assignment but turned into something more for me. I hope the readers get a feel of my world. Enjoy! :)

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