June 19, 2012
By k.elaine GOLD, Middlebury, Indiana
k.elaine GOLD, Middlebury, Indiana
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A broken leaf on a broken tree
Broken acorns in clumps of three
Here there lives a broken family
Of a broken mother and three broken babies
Her broken shield protects them from the broken storm
The broken gray and broken wind on a sad and broken morn
The broken tree falls brokenly to the broken forest floor
The broken bark and broken branches broken, exposed and torn
Their broken cries are broken sighs
As their broken bodies fly
Away from their broken home
Brokenly they roam
To a broken place where broken thrives
Brokenly in its broken life
Its funny how a broken word
Can seem so brokenly dulled and blurred
And lose its broken charm
But still remain a broken harm
When brokenly over-felt and overused
Not broken is this sad and broken truth

The author's comments:
When you live a certain feeling, you sometimes don't notice it because you're so used to it that you've become immune to it. When a word is overused, it loses its meaning and sounds funny.

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